1. What is Live Scan?

    Live scan is digital fingerprint submission transmitted electronically to the California Department of Justice (DOJ). Live scan is an automated service for criminal history background checks that may be required as a condition of employment, licensing, certification, foreign adoptions or VISA/Immigration clearances.

    Applicants must receive a Request for Live Scan Service Form, required for fingerprinting services, from the agency requiring their criminal history background check. Santa Cruz Live Scan, Inc. does not provide these forms.

  2. Do I need an appointment?

    No appointment is needed, walk-in service is welcome, at our office in downtown Santa Cruz between the hours of 9am-6pm, Monday though Friday.

    Mobile service is by appointment only. Hours of operation vary depending on the needs of the client. Please call the office or email us further information.

  3. Where do I get the Live Scan forms?

    Applicants must get instructions and the forms required for fingerprinting services from the agency requiring their criminal history background check. Some agencies provide forms on their web site for download (e.g. DMV).

  4. What do I need to bring to my appointment?

    • Valid, government issued photo id is required. Drivers license (any state), California Identification card, or US passport. Expired identification will not be accepted. A temporary license (paper printout from DMV) is not a valid form of identification.

    • “Request for Live Scan Service” form—this is provided by your employer or requesting agency. You must have three (3) copies at your appointment. Please have all forms filled out prior to your appointment.

    • Types of Payments Accepted—We accept exact cash, VISA/MASTER CARD/ DISCOVER CARD, money orders and cashiers checks.

  5. How much will my Live Scan cost?

    Santa Cruz Live Scan, Inc. fingerprint rolling fee is $30.00. Additionally, the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and/or Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) charge an applicant criminal history clearance fee for the background checks. Applicants are typically required to pay unless the requesting agency has a billing account number. For more information on these fees, go to http://caag.state.ca.us/fingerprints/forms/fees.pdf

    All fees are subject to change without notice.

  6. What if I don’t receive any response?

    The DOJ sends the response directly to the requesting agency (not to the applicant).  Please allow a minimum of seven days before making a status inquiry. Applicants should check first with the agency that requested the background review.

    If a requesting agency does not have results yet and digital Live Scan fingerprints were submitted, you can use the automated telephone system to check on your submission. Simply call the 24-hour Automated Telephone Service at: 916-227-4557.

    You will need the following information: Your date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY) and the 10-digit Automated Transaction Identifier (ATI) number that appears at the bottom of the Department of Justice Request For Live Scan Service form.

  7. What if I receive a rejection notice?

    If you received your live scan service from Santa Cruz Live Scan, Inc., contact us for an appointment so that we may resubmit your fingerprints. Have your rejection notice, and a new completed Request for Live Scan Service Form.  There is NO CHARGE for resubmission.

  8. Does SCLS offer Ink Card fingerprinting services?

    Yes, we offer Ink Card fingerprinting services. Ink fingerprinting is done on hard cards and are then submitted by the applicant to the appropriate agency. Fingerprints are then cross-referenced to the criminal database to check an applicant’s criminal history. The service fee for Ink Cards is $30.00 per card and $15 for additional cards. The required appointment information is similar to that of a Live Scan (see #4 above).

  9. Does SCLS have an office for walk-ins?

    Yes, Santa Cruz Live Scan, Inc. has a convenient downtown Santa Cruz location.

    877 Cedar Street, Suite 150, Santa Cruz
    Business hours: 9am–6pm, Monday through Friday
    Walk-ins welcome



Important Information About Live Scans:

Processing Time
In most cases, scans are processed within 1-3 days, however some scans can take much longer. Please use the following information to assist in tracking the progress of your scan.

24 Hour Automated System
The Department of Justice has a 24 hour automated system for checking the status of your live scan. Call 916-227-4557 and follow the directions to check on the progress of your live scan.

Delayed Processing
If it has been more than 10 days and your scan has not been processed, and you have not received a delay notice, please use the following email address to inquire about the status if your scan. ONLY USE THE FORMAT LISTED. Do not include any other personal information.

Email to: appagencyquestions@doj.ca.gov

Your First and Last Name
Your ATI number
Your ORI
Your Mail Code
Description of issue or question.

Record Purging After 30 Days
Santa Cruz Live Scan, Inc. (SCLS) is required to purge your scans after 30 days. If a question comes up about a scan it is important to CONTACT SCLS WITHIN 30 DAYS of your live scan. It is the responsibility of each client or applicant agency to track the scans. SCLS does not receive scan delay notices, track client scans or receive any background information.

Computer Issues
On rare occasions live scans will get “hung up” in the transmission process. This is out of the control of SCLS. There are over 2 million scans submitted to the Department of Justice each year and due to the volume, scans will get lost in the system. This is why each person needs to track the progress of their own scan to be sure it has made it to the Department of Justice for processing.